Feeling a little low, missing family and friends back home, rebels have turned you back at the check point or the weather stopped you delivering those food parcels? We’ve got just the thing to cheer you up and get you feeling good again. A 30 minute slow flow class designed to reset your happy button and boost your positivity levels. Full of long holds, a couple of challenge poses and loads of banter to get you feeling great, this is just the class for you. Take it morning, noon and night or whenever you feel like a little pick me up. We hope you love it and it comes with the Emergeny Yoga guarantee: you’re gonna feel awesome!

Love Nicola and Donna


3 responses »

  1. cara says:

    Thank you Donna & Nicola for creating and sharing this – it helped me shake off some Monday blues!

  2. Heal+Restore says:

    What a beautiful and soothing practice, thanks Nicola and Donna 🙂

  3. emergencyoga says:

    You are both sooooo welcome, happy to have your feedback, in fact you’ve inspired me to go and practice right now!!!!

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