For years we’ve believed in the phrase ‘there is more than one right answer’, the philosophy behind which is that there is a better chance of success when you collaborate with others.  It’s why Emergencyoga is not one but two of us and it’s also why we love collaborating with friends, initiatives and organisations that have aligned values.  Maiden Voyage is just that – an incredible network of and service for female business travellers set up by our dear friend Carolyn Pearson who has the safety and security of women at heart.  We are so proud to share with you this new yoga collaboration with Maiden Voyage – a special Travel Size Yoga class.  And once you’re done with the yoga make sure you join the Maiden Voyage network which is free with oodles of fabulous benefits for us female business travellers.



About emergencyoga

As two committed humanitarians and yogis we wanted to find a way to combine our love of film making and our desire to share yoga goodness with our colleagues and friends working at the cold face of the humanitarian world. Emergency Yoga is our contribution to helping you survive in the field when work gets too much and life feels a little tough. We want you to know that Emergency Yoga has got your back and will make sure you can get your quick fix of calm, strength and relaxation whenever you need it. Everything you see on Emergency Yoga is done in our spare time, just because we love doing it and because we want you to stay safe and happy out in the field. Enjoy and namaste, Nicola and Donna

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