Woo hoooooo we’re on day 2 of our Commit to Bliss journey and it’s great to be riding this wave with you. Here’s your daily dose of yoga and today there’ll be a live meditation with the fabulous Eoin Finn to head over to the Blissology Facebook page to check that out. If you have any chance to get outside today even for a few moments that would be amazing. Just find a space to sit on a rock, a bench, a beach, in a forrest, wherever you find some incredible nature and let you mind get quiet (if you have to put those amazing Bose noise cancelling head phones on to make that happen then just do it!). Let your gaze grow soft and your body still and begin to observe how your senses interact with the planet around you. Take your gratitude to the next level today and tell someone you love why you’re grateful to have them in your life, look into their eyes and speak from the heart. Today you’ll find a new (and super easy) prana fuelled dinner recipe up on The Blissologist’s Guide to a High Pranameter. And finally the wild card today is to have a good loud sing in the shower, belting out your favourite tune and dancing to your own rhythm. Enjoy!


About emergencyoga

As two committed humanitarians and yogis we wanted to find a way to combine our love of film making and our desire to share yoga goodness with our colleagues and friends working at the cold face of the humanitarian world. Emergency Yoga is our contribution to helping you survive in the field when work gets too much and life feels a little tough. We want you to know that Emergency Yoga has got your back and will make sure you can get your quick fix of calm, strength and relaxation whenever you need it. Everything you see on Emergency Yoga is done in our spare time, just because we love doing it and because we want you to stay safe and happy out in the field. Enjoy and namaste, Nicola and Donna

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