COMMIT TO BLISS DAY 4 (25.01.2018)
Congrats yogis as you’ve already passed the first half of week one and you’re doing fabulously well – hurrah! I’m so happy to offer you the next yoga class in our Commit to Bliss series which includes a mini-meditation or if you fancy going it alone on the meditation front today why not take a moment to close your eyes and connect with your breath. When you feel centred envision a ball of white light that starts in your heart and grows to encompass your whole body. Take a few more moments to soak in the bubble of white light surrounding you and then open your eyes and your done 🙂
Today’s nature appreciation is to get outside in any which way you can even if it’s as simple as feeling the rain or the sunlight on your face. Whilst you’re there dig up the gratitude and remind yourself what it is about our incredible planet you love and adore. There’s a great brekkie recipe up on line today to make sure you’re fuelled up for the day ahead. And for today’s wild card take a leap of faith and pay for someone’s groceries or lunch, trusting that paying it forward will also come back to you in more wonderful ways than you can ever imagine.

About emergencyoga

As two committed humanitarians and yogis we wanted to find a way to combine our love of film making and our desire to share yoga goodness with our colleagues and friends working at the cold face of the humanitarian world. Emergency Yoga is our contribution to helping you survive in the field when work gets too much and life feels a little tough. We want you to know that Emergency Yoga has got your back and will make sure you can get your quick fix of calm, strength and relaxation whenever you need it. Everything you see on Emergency Yoga is done in our spare time, just because we love doing it and because we want you to stay safe and happy out in the field. Enjoy and namaste, Nicola and Donna

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