COMMIT TO BLISS DAY 12 (02.02.2018)
Wake up this morning and meditate your way to whoever you want to be today! By spending a few moments sitting in silence and paying close attention to the qualities we want to embody throughout our day, we have the potential to live those as our day unfolds before us. And once you’re done on the meditation cushion remember to get a little more active and practice some blissful yoga with today’s class.
Find a photograph or picture of your favourite nature spot in the world and place it somewhere you can see it regularly. Then decide what action you will take to make sure this beautiful place remains protected.
Fill up on more prana-fueled recipes on The Blissologist’s Guide to a High Pranameter with a fantastic recipe for the best brekkie smoothie bowl you’ll ever taste.
And as you work on cultivating gratitude today remember that gratitude requires humility, the skill to be modest and respectful. Take some time to reflect on where or what in your life makes you feel humble as well as the areas where you might want to cultivate greater humility, modesty and respect.
And finally – have a laugh today! Dig out your best jokes, or ask others for their best jokes and share them around so that the laughter arrives from deep inside the belly and ends with side splitting guffaws 🙂 Laugh so hard that your face hurts and enjoy every moment of it.

About emergencyoga

As two committed humanitarians and yogis we wanted to find a way to combine our love of film making and our desire to share yoga goodness with our colleagues and friends working at the cold face of the humanitarian world. Emergency Yoga is our contribution to helping you survive in the field when work gets too much and life feels a little tough. We want you to know that Emergency Yoga has got your back and will make sure you can get your quick fix of calm, strength and relaxation whenever you need it. Everything you see on Emergency Yoga is done in our spare time, just because we love doing it and because we want you to stay safe and happy out in the field. Enjoy and namaste, Nicola and Donna

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