The Blissology Project

COMMIT TO BLISS DAY 3 (24.01.2018)
Welcome back awesome yogis and I’m so looking forward to day 3 with you on the mat. Here’s your Emergencyoga class for the day along with a beautiful nature meditation I recorded in Sri Lanka last year where you can hear the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. Today we can together try and be more mindful in our actions – a morning walk, (whether to the kitchen, the beach or the office), can be intentional as you focus on what’s around you, every step and every breath you take, savouring the beginning of your day. A mini challenge in our gratitude practice today – try taking one or two things that you are not looking forward to and re-framing them with a sense of gratitude. For example ‘my job is driving me nuts’ becomes ‘I am grateful for the opportunity to serve others and the abundance my job brings me’. More fantastic recipes are up on The Blissologist’s Guide to a High Parameter so check it out. And our wild card today is to dig deep inside and proclaim your life mission. And I get that maybe that’s not easy so here’s a little help from Eoin Finn with some tips on how to reconnect with your heart’s desire. It took me some years to figure out my life mission and it’s no small thing – To Create World Peace One Love at a Time. And I truly hope that every time we step on the mat together you feel a little more love for yourself and a little more peace in your heart that you can then go out into the world and share with those around you.

Commit to Bliss Day 2


Woo hoooooo we’re on day 2 of our Commit to Bliss journey and it’s great to be riding this wave with you. Here’s your daily dose of yoga and today there’ll be a live meditation with the fabulous Eoin Finn to head over to the Blissology Facebook page to check that out. If you have any chance to get outside today even for a few moments that would be amazing. Just find a space to sit on a rock, a bench, a beach, in a forrest, wherever you find some incredible nature and let you mind get quiet (if you have to put those amazing Bose noise cancelling head phones on to make that happen then just do it!). Let your gaze grow soft and your body still and begin to observe how your senses interact with the planet around you. Take your gratitude to the next level today and tell someone you love why you’re grateful to have them in your life, look into their eyes and speak from the heart. Today you’ll find a new (and super easy) prana fuelled dinner recipe up on The Blissologist’s Guide to a High Pranameter. And finally the wild card today is to have a good loud sing in the shower, belting out your favourite tune and dancing to your own rhythm. Enjoy!

The Blissology Project


Commit to Bliss Day 1

It’s finally here beautiful people! Our first day of our two weeks of Commit to Bliss! So let’s get your started with a blissful Emergencyoga class and some fantastic meditation. Today get yourself out there into the natural world, take a walk and hug a tree or two. If security rules prevent this then check out some nature online – apparently it’s almost as good for our brain as the real thing! Today’s also the day to start a gratitude journal which is as simple as writing down the three things you feel most grateful for in your life right now. To make sure you keep yourself filled up on prana, head over to The Blissologist’s Guide to a High Pranameter for all the latest scrummy recipes. And the wild card for today? Compliment a stranger and make somebody’s day all that much better.

Travel Size Yoga


For years we’ve believed in the phrase ‘there is more than one right answer’, the philosophy behind which is that there is a better chance of success when you collaborate with others.  It’s why Emergencyoga is not one but two of us and it’s also why we love collaborating with friends, initiatives and organisations that have aligned values.  Maiden Voyage is just that – an incredible network of and service for female business travellers set up by our dear friend Carolyn Pearson who has the safety and security of women at heart.  We are so proud to share with you this new yoga collaboration with Maiden Voyage – a special Travel Size Yoga class.  And once you’re done with the yoga make sure you join the Maiden Voyage network which is free with oodles of fabulous benefits for us female business travellers.


2017 – My Year of No Results


I can almost feel your panic as you read the title of my mantra for 2017 – My Year of No Results.  WTF you say?!  Isn’t the new year all about setting goals, making resolutions, taking stock  of where we are now and where we want to be in 12 months time?  I hear you, yes I hear you and to be honest that’s pretty much been my modus operandi these last years and it has served me very very well.  I have gotten a lot of shit done.  In the last couple of years between work and play I’ve raised millions of dollars charity, run hundreds of kilometres including a half marathon and a bunch of mountain races, practiced more than a thousand hours of yoga, taught over a hundred yoga classes, moved from Switzerland to Sri Lanka, started a new job, visited Pakistan, Jordan, China and South Korea, taken an additional yoga teacher training course and successfully run my first yoga retreat.

I’ve got to tell you that with all that behind me in the last 24 months, it’s hard to think of goals this year.  In fact I have an overwhelming desire to just be.  It’s not a feeling of exhaustion or defeat, it’s more of a deep yearning to hunker down, snuggle in and just – be – me.

And in that desire to just be, I discovered the wonderful Danish concept of ‘hygge’.  I’d heard this strange word (pronounced hoo-ga) before but never really understood what it meant other than the Danish are all really happy.  On New Year’s Eve as I scoured the book store for yet another self help, goal setting type book, The Book of Hygge by Louisa Thomsen Brits jumped out at me instead.  As I took this little, hard cover book back to a cosy sofa, I realised that 2017 is My Year of No Results and that instead I shall be enjoying a year of hygge.

For the non-Danes reading this and to quote Louisa Thomsen Brits, ‘To hygge is to invite intimacy and connection.  It’s a feeling of engagement and relatedness, of belonging to the moment and to each other.  Hygge is  sense of abundance and contentment.  Hygge is about being not having.’ Seriously people – who doesn’t want more of that?!

And so in 2017 I shall not being choosing an annual theme, or listing out my goals, or wondering how much I can get done.  I admit it feels weird, almost a bit like being lost with no direction.  That feeling itself worries me in a way – to feel lost just because I don’t have lofty 2017 goals?  Where has my art of being gone?  Why has my hammock seen so little of my lately?

Hygge is what I want this year.  I shall be having a hyggelig year.  I will make a hyggekrog (hygge corner) in my hjemmehygge (hygge home) and have lots of hyggesnakke (hygge chat) with friends and loved ones who want to hygger with me.

This ancient Danish art of living well has a lot to teach me about creating a sanctuary, about turning the ordinary into the sacred, about paying attention to what makes me feel open hearted and alive, about creating moments and environments where I, my friends and loved ones can truly be ourselves, present and real and messy and fully accepted.

For those of you who already have fabulous and exciting New Year’s resolutions, go for it I say!  This is a wonderful way to move ahead and have new adventures.  This year I’ll be watching from the sidelines in my own hygger way and when you’ve had enough of your goals some days or you’re tired from all the doing, take a break and come hygger with me, I’ll be waiting with open arms and an open heart.  Happy New Year beautiful people!


1. Develop a morning ritual, whether it be a great cup of tea of coffee in the morning or 10 minutes of meditation, something that makes you feel lovely and wonderful when you wake up.

2. Practice doing nothing for 5 minutes, no phone, no book, no exercise, just sitting, being and breathing.

3. Light a candle when you sit down to dinner so that every evening meal feels special and sacred.

4. Dedicate a cosy spot in your home to relax in, put fresh flowers in a vase, have your favourite books close by and some snuggly cushions to lounge on, ideally with a great view to fill your gaze.

5. Invite close friends for a drink or dinner with no agenda other than being in each other’s presence and enjoying the company

Election Results Reboot

Wondering what to do with your life after these most recent elections?  Try our new Emergency Post Election Face Yoga class.  At just 4 minutes long you’ve got every reason in the world to give it a go. No special equipment needed – just you and your face.  And it comes with the EY guarantee – it’s gonna make you feel awesome.

Emergency Nature Meditation

Stuck in the middle of nowhere? Security rules prevent you from going outside? Living in a concrete jungle?  We’ve got you covered right here with our new Emergency Nature Meditation.  In just 11 minutes we’ll have you reconnected to the SOURCE – mother nature herself.  Inspired by the sounds of the waves crashing on Sri Lanka’s south coast, this meditation will have you feeling realigned with the rhythms of the planet in no time.  Suitable for new and experienced meditators alike!  And as always it comes with the EY guarantee – it’s gonna make you feel awesome!  With love from us, x


Emergency Rooftop Yoga


A live Emergency Yoga class every Wednesday @ 17.30 on the rooftops of Colombo, Sri Lanka

SEVA – the art of giving back


Here at Emergency Yoga we are humbled and thrilled to be in such good company with this new Yoganonymous list of yogis changing the world. Except that we just happen to think it’s all of you who are the ones out there changing the world and creating more peace and more joy with your very own practice.  Our job is to give you ways and means of practicing yoga when you’re busy doing your own version of seva – the art of giving back.  As the Hard Rock made famous many years ago, LOVE ALL, SERVE ALL

The Word on Yoga for Humanitarians


Lucky us!  We’ve teamed up with the fabulous The Healthy Nomad and it’s awesome EMERGENCY AIDio show to talk all things yoga.  Listen in to get the EY word on why yoga and humanitarians make a great couple and how to start out if you’ve never tried yoga before.