Election Results Reboot

Wondering what to do with your life after these most recent elections?  Try our new Emergency Post Election Face Yoga class.  At just 4 minutes long you’ve got every reason in the world to give it a go. No special equipment needed – just you and your face.  And it comes with the EY guarantee – it’s gonna make you feel awesome.

Emergency Nature Meditation

Stuck in the middle of nowhere? Security rules prevent you from going outside? Living in a concrete jungle?  We’ve got you covered right here with our new Emergency Nature Meditation.  In just 11 minutes we’ll have you reconnected to the SOURCE – mother nature herself.  Inspired by the sounds of the waves crashing on Sri Lanka’s south coast, this meditation will have you feeling realigned with the rhythms of the planet in no time.  Suitable for new and experienced meditators alike!  And as always it comes with the EY guarantee – it’s gonna make you feel awesome!  With love from us, x


Emergency Rooftop Yoga


A live Emergency Yoga class every Wednesday @ 17.30 on the rooftops of Colombo, Sri Lanka

SEVA – the art of giving back


Here at Emergency Yoga we are humbled and thrilled to be in such good company with this new Yoganonymous list of yogis changing the world. Except that we just happen to think it’s all of you who are the ones out there changing the world and creating more peace and more joy with your very own practice.  Our job is to give you ways and means of practicing yoga when you’re busy doing your own version of seva – the art of giving back.  As the Hard Rock made famous many years ago, LOVE ALL, SERVE ALL http://bit.ly/29845yR

The Word on Yoga for Humanitarians


Lucky us!  We’ve teamed up with the fabulous The Healthy Nomad and it’s awesome EMERGENCY AIDio show to talk all things yoga.  Listen in to get the EY word on why yoga and humanitarians make a great couple and how to start out if you’ve never tried yoga before. https://soundcloud.com/emergency-aidio/show-14-yoga-for-aid-workers-self-care-practice-1

Follow your bliss

Ever wondered why we do what we do at Emergencyoga?  Here’s a little insight into what inspires us to bring you free yoga wherever you are in this big, wide humanitarian world.  http://www.blissology.com/blog/teacher-feature-dw/TeacherFeature_DonnaWilliams-copy

Emergency #Lifehack Yoga

Your yoga, your choice – this mini EY class is like a choose your own adventure, stop at just 6 minutes or keep going until the end at 12 minutes.  This short sequence is a speed yoga, life hack to make you feel awesome even on the busiest of days.  And it comes with the EY guarantee – it’ll make you feel awesome.  With love from us. xxx

Emergency Yoga for maximum bliss in limited space!

By special request from EY fans, here’s our extended 20 minute Emergency Plane Yoga class designed especially to keep you relaxed and healthy on long haul flights. Also a great practice if you’re living or working in a really small space. No mat required, all you need is you and your fabulosity. And remember this class comes with the EY guarantee -it’s gonna make you feel awesome! With love from EY x

Emergency Super Hero Yoga

A short fast flow to help you cultivate the super powers you need to get through your humanitarian life. With love from us at EY xxx

Emergency Shoulder Yoga – ahhhhhhhh :-)